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Custody Evaluation and What to Expect

If you are about to enter into a private, court-ordered child custody evaluation, this has most likely come about after much litigation in Family Court and after spending a great deal of money. You have reached this juncture because you and your spouse or ex-spouse (here referred to as “spouse”), cannot agree about how to share custody of your child (“child” refers to one or more), and previous attempts to mediate have failed.

In the beginning of the dissolution (divorce) process you have met with a mandated court mediator to discuss how to share custody of your child, and there has been a subsequent recommendation by that mediator to the Court that there is no agreement. After that initial attempt you may have met with any or all of the following: a private mediator (confidential or non-confidential), a co-parenting counselor, a special master, individual therapist’s, and any other experts who advise parents about how to share custody of their child.

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Dan Mayer